Our Story

Roslyn created Natural Animal because she wants animal owners to know about Colloidal Silver and use it with confidence.
Encouraged by family, friends, local pet stores, dog groomers and amazing product reviews the company was created in 2016. Roslyn sold plants from her garden to buy equipment, learned how to navigate social media and website building, bartered for marketing material and engaged a local business to create a professional logo for the Natural Animal brand.

Hard work, determination and a foundation of knowledge gained from working in the production of commercial Colloidal Silver products for human health is combined with experience in office management, pharmacy, customer services and factories. Roslyn is grateful that this has proved to be a winning formula in the realisation of her dream to put a great product in the hands of NZ animal lovers.

Roslyn and her family live on a lifestyle block in North Canterbury. She has a genuine love of animals, a phenominal organic vegetable garden and collects quirky ornaments from second hand shops (especially ducks).

Part of the company vision is a generous gifting program for animal rescues and animal charities, so that many can benefit from these fabulous products.