What is Colloidal Silver?

Natural Animal Colloidal Silver is a versatile, non-toxic, easy to use, clear, colourless liquid. 

Colloidal Silver is positively charged silver ions suspended in pure water. It is a natural antiseptic, disinfectant and sanitiser.

Suitable for the treatment of domestic animals, all species of horse, cattle, sheep, pig, dog, cat, poultry, rabbit, bird.

At Natural Animal we use the highest quality solid plate silver, pure de-ionised water and computer controlled mains powered generators to create effective, uniform sized, positively charged ionic Colloidal Silver at a consistent 8ppm.

Natural Animal Colloidal Silver liquid and creme are safe topical preparations for first aid, tear stains, care of minor injuries and prevention of minor dermatological abnormalities

Natural Animal Colloidal Silver Liquid is available as a convenient 100ml fine mist spray or large refill 500ml flat-capped bottle.

Natural Animal Colloidal Silver products are packed in recyclable glass bottles because we believe it is the best way to store Colloidal Silver. Every new bottle and jar is washed and sterlised before filling to protect the contents from contamination.  

Curently 10gm creme size pots are quality plastic containers within a compostable cellophane bag. We encourage reuse.

Labels are durable PVC so they won't fade, fail or fall off.

Economically refill the spray from our large 500ml bottle many times.

We insist on quality packaging because we want you to get great results with our products, and protect our environment.  

Natural Animal Colloidal Silver & Manuka Creme is manufactured in Christchurch by a family owned company that uses ethically sourced ingredients and our Colliodal Silver liquid in a unique cold mixing processs that retains the natural goodness of the ingredients. Using both Active Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil in a base of natural and organic ingredients.

All products are fully compliant with NZ Agricultural Compound and Veterinary Medicines Regulations (ACVM)

Made with pride in New Zealand.