What is Colloidal Silver?

Natural Animal Colloidal Silver is a natural antiseptic, disinfectant and sanitiser. This is a safe skin treatment for all species of horse, cattle, sheep, pig, dog, cat, poultry, rabbit and bird.

Using the highest quality solid plate silver, pure de-ionised water and computer controlled mains powered generators Natural Animal Colloidal Silver liquid is pure, non-toxic, clear, odourless, easy to use and versatile.

All our products are fully compliant with NZ Agricultural Compound and Veterinary Medicines Regulations (ACVM). Learn more.

What Colloidal Silver animal skincare products do you sell?

Collidal Silver liquid fine mist spray is a gentle and safe topical preparation for first aid, tear stains, care of minor injuries and prevention of minor dermatological abnormalities.


Natural Animal Colloidal Silver & Manuka Creme combines the benefits of pure Colloidal Silver liquid with active Manuka Honey and Manuka Essential Oil for a synergy of antiseptic power. Nourishing oils of Coconut, Avacado and Jojoba also care for the skin, gently nurturing and protecting. Light, non-greasy, non-toxic and unscented. Use for the treatment of minor injuries, paws, delicate tear stained skin, noses and prevention of minor dermatolgical abnormalities.

What about your packaging?

We insist on quality ingredients and packaging because we want you to get great results with our products, and also to protect the environment. Natural Animal Colloidal Silver liquid and creme is packed in recyclable glass bottles* Labels are durable PVC so they won't fade, fail or fall off and you can economically refill the spray from our large 500ml bottle many times. 


Products are dispatched in recycled and recyclable packaging and the company operates from a sustainable permaculture property.  

Note: *Colloidal Silver & Manuka Creme 10gm is a sturdy plastic container for first aid kits.

Made with pride in New Zealand.