What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver is a natural antiseptic, disinfectant and sanitiser.

Natural Animal Colloidal Silver is made using solid bars of pure silver and computer controlled mains powered generators. The process suspends nano sized, positively charged silver ions into de-ionised water. The water remains colourless, odourless and non toxic.

Silver is an inert metal that is well known for antimicrobial properties.  Colloidal Silver is an easy to use and versatile antiseptic skin treatment suitable for horse, cattle, sheep, pig, dog, cat, poultry, rabbit and bird.

All our products are fully compliant with NZ Agricultural Compound and Veterinary Medicines Regulations (ACVM). Do not use on the teasts of lactating animals if the milk of the animals is intended for human consumption. Learn more.

How do you use Colloidal Silver for animal skincare?

Collidal Silver liquid is a ready to use, gentle and non-toxic topical preparation for skincare treatment.

The fine mist spray bottle is for touch free application of Colloidal Silver to clean and care for minor injuries when first aid is necessary. It can be used on areas of concern for prevention of minor dermatological abnormalities.

Wipe tears away, c
lean ears and skinfolds using a soft cotton cloth saturated with Colloidal Silver. Repeat twice daily and as necessary. 

Use Colloidal Silver undiluted for foot soaking treatments.

Is it sustainable?

We insist on quality ingredients and packaging because we want you to get great results with our products, and also to protect the environment. Natural Animal Colloidal Silver liquid is packed in recyclable glass bottles with durable PVC lables that won't fade, fail or fall off. The spray bottle is refilable and we are happy to supply replacement fine mist caps.
Products are dispatched in recycled and recyclable packaging. The company is built on sustainable principles with minimal footprint and has transparent policies.


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