Colloidal Silver, is it safe? A tarnished reputation

Colloidal Silver is not a new solution. It has been around for centuries and has a positive reputation in many situations for the treatment of both animals and humans. Many people are enthusiastic about silver’s healing properties, sometimes giving the product merit above its capabilities. Inappropriate use and careless advertising has led to this simple remedy gaining a somewhat tarnished reputation.

The ethics of Natural Animal are of honesty, integrity and trust. We believe that Colloidal Silver is a valuable solution when used as part of your animal skin care needs. Our products are developed so you can use this time-tested remedy safely and with confidence.

Natural Animal Colloidal Silver products have been determined safe for animal use by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) under the conditions of the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Regulations (ACVM). The products are classified as antiseptic, disinfectant and sanitiser and are considered safe for the external treatment of animal skin.

Natural Animal Colloidal Silver liquid is not for oral consumption and should not be compared to human equivalent for use. Natural Animal Colloidal Silver Liquid and Natural Animal Colloidal Silver & Manuka Creme ingredients are not toxic if ingested through self grooming.

Natural Animal Colloidal Silver products are suitable to treat the delicate skin around eyes and ears, but should not be put directly into eyes or ears.

As per ACVM regulations, all products are labelled with the standard prescriptive warning: Do not use on the teats of lactating animals if the milk of the animals is intended for human consumption.

In the fight to control bacterial, viral and fungal infections scientists have studied the properties of silver in a range of situations. Medical devices, bandages, clothing and appliance surfaces containing silver have been developed and are used world-wide. There is a vast amount of information available from reliable, peer reviewed and reputable studies. Anecdotal evidence in a range of real life situations is positive to the advantages of using Colloidal Silver for the care of minor injuries, prevention and treatment of minor dermatological conditions.

Documented side effects of Colloidal Silver are limited to Argyria, a permanent blue skin discolouration reported by people drinking large quantities of Colliodal Silver liquid over long periods of time! You can rest assured that this condition has never been documented as occurring in someone (or an animal) applying Colloidal Silver topically for the treatment of injury or skin conditions.

Natural Animal products are developed with many years of research, information and experience. We are a proud New Zealand company that chooses ethical suppliers, using natural ingredients, utilizing sustainable practices, along with the highest quality equipment, and using recyclable packaging wherever possible.

Natural Animal is committed to being the best brand of Colloidal Silver available in NZ for animal care.

If you have any other questions or concerns about Colloidal Silver or any of Natural Animal’s products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Roslyn Monk, Director

Natural Animal

P: 027 224 0011

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