How to use Colloidal Silver for treating animal skin conditions and first aid

Natural Animal Colloidal Silver liquid is the perfect ready to use solution for every first aid kit.

It is able to be used safely on the skin of all animals and is non-toxic. A welcome relief when there is a chance it may be licked off and reassuring if you are worried about your own skin. By using the fine mist spray to treat minor injuries or soothe irritation you can be confident that you are doing no harm.

Colloidal silver liquid is pure silver ions suspended in water, nothing else. It has no colour or smell other than that of natural water. Rest assured there will be no lasting stain, nor strange odour to upset your pet.

During treatment, the feeling of being wet may be disliked and you will be well aware that not all creatures enjoy close contact or confinement. (This is especially true if they have icky skin conditions or a wee injury to treat). Personal safety is paramount and should be taken very seriously. Reports of cats purring and wanting to be wet are encouraging, most dogs seem not to be bothered, horses are known to kick spontaneously on a good day and chickens do peck, hard.

Maximum benefit is achieved by allowing the liquid to stay in contact with the skin for 10 minutes. Thorough saturation of hair, fur or feathers also helps the liquid to reach the underlying skin. Where it is not practical to use the fine mist spray cap, saturate a clean cotton cloth or cotton wool with Colloidal Silver liquid. You can then gently wipe the area, or position over the area and squeeze to release the liquid onto the skin. If nothing else need be done, let the area air dry. Repeat the application of Colloidal Silver as often as necessary and be vigilant of any changes.

Other treatments can be complimentary to the use of Colloidal Silver. Individual situations will determine the next step of care. For extra protection, antiseptic cream or honey can be applied after using Colloidal Silver liquid. Bandages and covers keep the area clean and deter interference. Careful observation is your best friend. Ask advice if unsure.

A cuddle with your pet or distracting them with a tasty treat following your daily cleaning or first aid ministrations is well advised. Trust is often earned this way, making it easier to treat next time.

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