Real Results


(A beautiful, but mischevious Border Collie)

"Love your products!"

- Jane, lifestyle-block owner, Canterbury

Jane's dog.jpg
pretty princess mini haha.jpg


(Rescued miniature horse at Mini Haha Horse Haven)

"This wee darling, aged 30, had a few issues. But now is looking amazing!"

- Jennifer Heperi


(Kiwi dog with a French name)

"It's my go-to product, I absolutely LOVE your spray"

- Lisa, super lovely pet mum

Lisa and Boet.jpg


Fierce ginger warrior (and the office cat)

"Percy got into another fight defending his territory.   Naturally his minor injury was cleaned with Colloidal Silver liquid as soon as it was discovered and cleaned daily until it was all better"

- Roslyn, Natural Animal boss-lady and cat servant


Adventurous beach loving companion

"The spray has got rid of cuts and wounds on my dog, and I've still got lots left!"..... then added a few weeks later.... "you can only just see the slight mark on her head now. That used to scab and would never go away!"

- Jade, super caring pet owner (and neighbour)



Magnificent prize-winning boy. 

"Fantastic for keeping my Neapolitan mastiffs wrinkles clean and free from yeast infections. Also great as an ear cleaner, especially with the Cotton wipes. Love these products"

-  Linda, dog groomer


Horse (of course)

"Wonderful product - my horse’s wounds from a minor float mishap are clearing up so quickly, much faster than anticipated. The spray bottle made it easier and safer for me to apply too and it doesn’t sting. So pleased! :)"

- Kimberly, North Canterbury lifestyle farmer


Bella & Lemmywinks

"Natural animal products are not only AMAZING, but they have saved us in vet bills on multiple occasions, from allergies to cat fights everything is healed up sooooo quickly!!! Must have product in every household <3 
Bonus is that Roslyn is awesome & local"

Leanne, HEAVY PETTING store owner and super amazing animal mum

Hair Off the Dog Groomers

"I'm am owner of Hair off the Dog Grooming. I have purchased Natural Animal Colloidal Silver. I have used it on my own animals who had a run it with a cat and came off worse - it was amazing and healed almost over night !! I used it on myself with a scissor cut and it also healed very fast - faster than normal! I highly recommend Natural Animal and Colloidal Silver and I will continue to purchase🐾❣"

- Su Palmer, Timaru NZ

phillipa's boxer and sign photo.jpg


Beautiful boxer

"My dog loves Natural Animal!
Being white hes prone to tear stains and being a boxer he has deep wrinkles and Natural Animal Colloidal Silver is perfect for him!"

Phillipa, creator of awesome signs (and animal mum)

Pyes Pa Pet Lodge

"GREAT product, we use it at Pyes Pa Pet Lodge for pretty much everything. Roslyn is lovely to deal with"

- Pyes Pa Pet Lodge

pyes pa pet lodge photo.jpg